GoFlo Prostate Formula

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GoFlo Prostate formula



Prostate health is important to all men, especially those over the age of 40. Keeping your prostate healthy can help maintain urinary health and urinary tract function, allowing you to enjoy the normal things in life, like sitting through a movie, taking a long walk with your loved one or just relaxing in bed. 

GoFlo Prostate is a dietary supplement formulated specifically for men, to help support a healthy prostate, healthy urinary flow and function and a healthy urinary tract. 

GoFlo Prostate was created with top-quality, naturally derived ingredients to support a healthy prostate-no need for a prescription

Key Benefits

  • -  Supports a Healthy Prostate 
  • -  Supports More Complete Bladder Emptying 
  • -  Promotes Healthy Urinary Flow and Function 
  • -  Promotes Healthy Sleeping Habits 
  • -  Promotes a Healthy Urinary Tract 
  • -  Doctor Formulated

Product Size: 60 capsules

Why use GoFlo® Prostate Formula?

Your prostate starts as just a little gland, but as you get older it can have a big impact on your quality of life! That might be why so many men over 40 experience changes in their bathroom habits; they need to go much more each day, they have a weaker urine stream, or they have incomplete bladder emptying. A lot of men also notice they're waking up at night once, twice, or more to urinate. If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. 


GoFlo Prostate Formula is a doctor formulated, non-prescription supplement made with 5 extremely powerful ingredients. It was made for men like you who want a safe and effective way to support their prostate health.

The benefits can truly be life-changing!

About GoFlo® Prostate Formula


GoFlo Prostate Formula was designed specifically for men over 40 experiencing the issues of an "Aging Prostate". 


In many men, those issues can include the following:

✓ Frequent urination during the day

✓ Strong urges to urinate

✓ Incomplete bladder emptying

✓ A weak or slow urine stream

✓ A urinary stream that starts and stops

✓ Loss of sleep due to frequent urination

✓ Straining to urinate

✓ Continued dribbling of urine

GoFlo Prostate Formula
Real GoFlo Testimonial #1


“GoFlo Prostate Formula*** is great. I take it before I go to bed and I sleep right through the night. I took some time off it just to see, and sure enough, sleep was interrupted, so back on it I went, and sure enough, it works again. I recommend it.”* 
– Hank L.

Real GoFlo Testimonial #2


"To whom it may concern, I have been a customer for 1 month now. I’m 70 and have had prostate problems for forever. I get up every 2 hours at night, and urinate often through the day. My main problem has been a failure to completely empty my bladder. My experience with GoFlo Prostate Formula*** has been remarkable. I can void a lot better than I can remember which is allowing me a much better sleep with fewer getting up times. I’m going to be a regular customer for many comfortable nights to come." * 
– David B.

Real GoFlo Testimonial #3


"I was subject to waking up two and three times a night to go to the bathroom. A good friend told me about GoFlo Prostate Formula*** Support, and I gave it a try.

Within using the product for sixty days, I can tell you I am at the moment waking up only once a night to go to the bathroom. While that is a dramatic improvement for me, I can also say on occasion, I have not had to get up at all.
– Steve B.

Meet Dr. Fleisher, Inventor of GoFlo® Prostate  Formula

"It is the absolute truth that 'health is wealth' and the most valuable gift we have. And, it is also true that men's health is dependent upon a healthy prostate gland. A man's physical emotional, mental, and sexual energy will be affected by the health, or lack thereof, of his prostate gland. Therefore, we designed GoFlo Prostate Formula to perfectly optimize healthy prostate function and to support maximum wellness, energy, and happiness in men."


Mitchell A. Fleisher, M.D., D, Ht., D.A.B.F.M., Dc.A.B.C.T.

Medical Director, True Earth Health Products, LLC

Mitchell A Fleisher, medical director



Flowens® is the only cranberry product in the world that is clinically shown to improve lower urinary tract function. Flowens®' revolutionary 100% all-natural blend of the seeds, skins, flesh and juice from the fruit is re-engineered and optimized for prostate health. Flowens® has been put to the test and is clinically shown to significantly improve lower urinary tract function with no side effects. † 


In a six-month clinical trial on men, Flowens® demonstrated improvements in: 

  • Lower urinary tract function † 
  • Peak urine flow and volume † 
  • Additionally, during a post-study interview, several participants reported the following: 
  • Less frequent trips to the bathroom during the day † 
  • Reduced waking at night to urinate † 
  • A greater sensation of complete bladder emptying † 


Participants with improved symptoms during the Flowens® clinical study reported the following: 

  • 52% had to urinate less frequently during the day 
  • 63% experienced a reduction in nocturia (waking at night to urinate) 
  • 48% experienced less of a sensation of not emptying their bladder after completing urination 
  • 37% felt improvements within one month, and 7% within 1 week 



Beta-sitosterol is a naturally-occurring phytosterol (plant sterol) found in nearly all plants, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. Around the world, beta-sitosterol is one of the most popular dietary supplements for men, as it is shown to significantly improve symptoms associated with an aging prostate. Taking beta-sitosterol orally is clinically-shown to improve urinary symptoms, allowing for more vitality and a better quality of life. Men who want a time-tested ingredient for optimal prostate health need to have a formula with beta-sitosterol. 


A clinical trial with beta-sitosterol showed significant improvements in prostate symptoms, including: 

  • increased urine flow 
  • more complete bladder emptying 
  • In another study of men with mild-to-moderate BPH, beta-sitosterol showed: 
  • significant improvements in urinary symptoms 
  • improved urinary flow 



Pygeum is a plant commonly found in Central and Southern Africa with a special bark that has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Today, numerous placebo-controlled studies offer a strong scientific backing of pygeum for men's health. When it comes to prostate-related symptoms, pygeum is clinically-shown to improve urinary health in men. 


In a multi-center study of the effects of pygeum on prostate symptoms,  

urinary flow was improved in 66% of patients 


Another trial on the effects of pygeum showed: 

  • a 32% reduction in nighttime bathroom visits 
  • improved urinary flow and volume 


Stinging Nettle 

Stinging nettle is an herbaceous perennial flowering plant that has been used as a medicinal agent since ancient times. Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of stinging nettle in improving urinary tract symptoms in men. For full-spectrum support of prostate health, stinging nettle is a vital ingredient in men's health formulas. 


Patients in a clinical trial on the effects of stinging nettle reported: 

  • 81% had improved Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms 
  • improved urine flow 
  • improved bladder emptying 



Zinc is an essential mineral that is crucial for men who want to maintain optimal health. Not only does zinc support a strong immune system and support healthy cell growth, it is naturally found in significant amounts in prostate cells. Since zinc levels may decline with age, it is vitally important to your prostate health and sexual health to supplement this important mineral. 


Zinc deficiencies are often associated with prostate symptoms, since zinc appears to: 

  • support healthy cell growth and development  
  • support healthy prostate tissue 

*Results may vary. ***Also known as GoFlo™ Prostate