A message from our CEO:

Our society is facing an extraordinary challenge. The COVID-19 global pandemic is impacting every one of our families in some way – the way we work, socialize, worship, study and more has all changed in such a drastic way, in such a short period of time.

The Sheer Science Family and I would like to share a special acknowledgement of and extend our sincerest “Thank You” to all essential workers that have stepped up in so many ways to keep us going.

From first responders, to nurses and doctors, to grocery store clerks, restaurant owners and workers, mail carriers, workers who dispose of our waste, and everyone else performing essential duties while the majority of our society is sheltering at home trying to flatten the curve. Thank you. They’re all playing a tremendous role in supporting our families, our livelihood and our sanity. If you are one of these essential workers, we personally thank you. If you know someone who is one of these heroes, or interact with one, please join us in sharing thanks and showing kindness to these people as much as you can over the next few weeks – they certainly deserve it!

If there is a silver lining to this crisis, it’s that we’re learning, we’re adapting, we’re reflecting… We may not be physically together, but we are all together in this together.
We wish you safety and health.


Jonathan Greenhut, CEO
Sheer Science