Is your skincare routine aging you? More than often women turn to heavy makeup or abrasive skincare products to improve their appearance. Unfortunately, these beauty mistakes can secretly ruin the look and feel of your skin.

As we age our skin changes, so shouldn’t our skincare routines, too? Simple mistakes such as too much concealer, drying face washes and poor application techniques can do more harm than good. According to Clove and Hallow, when using concealer, it important to, “use a light layer and build up as needed to avoid accentuating fine lines and wrinkles.” In simple terms, less is more! Even applying your blush wrong can age you. For example, simply applying blush too low or too high can make your skin appear older. Blush application tip: smile and apply color to the apples of your cheeks, then blend color back along your cheekbones. This technique creates a glow that doesn’t look clownish.1 (cloveandhallow)

If makeup isn’t the culprit causing your skin to appear older than it is, your face wash could be. Often times, after wearing a full day’s worth of makeup, you will reach for a heavy face wash to remove the buildup of dirt, oil and makeup, but that isn’t always the right answer. Although you may think you’re scrubbing away harmful dirt and oil, you could be over washing.

According to allure, it's an easy mistake to make. “If dirt and oil are behind breakouts, it seems like it would make sense to be extra diligent about removing them, right? Not so. Drying products tend to make our skin overcompensate by producing more oils. The skin's oil levels, and moisture levels are two different measurements, so oily skin can also lack hydration and be dry." So, how can you tell if you're over washing? “If your skin has a tight and dry feeling, you know you've gone overboard. It can also feel sensitive or shows signs of sensitivity with reddish, dry patches” (allure)

Give your skin the love it needs by tossing away any of those harsh skincare products you may own and upgrade to products that effectively cleanse, but still hydrate and nourish your skin. Plexaderm Reset & Replenish Pads are gentle yet, super-soft and work to effectively remove dirt, oil and makeup. They will leave your skin thoroughly cleansed without a heavy residue, so there is no need to rinse. Our pads are gentle enough for sensitive skin and are also 100% cruelty free and paraben free.

Whether you are a makeup guru or just enjoy glamming it up from time to time, Reset & Replenish pads will become your new best friend. You may ask yourself, why should I choose Plexaderm pads over the standard makeup wipes I can find at a drug store? The answer is, Hyaluronic acid! Each pad is infused with a dose of skin quenching Hyaluronic acid for a moisturizing boost in every application. Why is this ingredient so special?

According to everyday health, “if there’s one skin-care ingredient that puts you in the fast lane to hydrated skin, hyaluronic acid is it. Not only does hyaluronic acid do a killer job when it comes to moisturizing the skin, but it has an anti-aging effect because plump, hydrated skin makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible.”

Need I say more!?

If going all natural is an option for you, we at Plexaderm say go for it! Embracing your natural beauty will not only boost your self-confidence, but it will also boost your skin’s health. Ditch the heavy concealers and foundations and let your skin BREATHE. While rocking a fresh-faced look is easier said than done, our pads will give you the confidence to go makeup free and worry free with their hydrating boost. There is no better time to test a new look than in quarantine. If you’re sticking with your makeup products – we don’t fault you - just make sure you are applying your makeup correctly and remember that less is most definitely more.

Whether you are going full glam or bare faced, Plexaderm Reset and Replenish Pads will transform your beauty regimen from potentially harsh and damaging to fast, gentle and effective. In the end, we encourage that you do what makes you feel beautiful, just remember to be safe and gentle with your skincare routine. Your skin will thank you later!