Have you ever asked yourself, how do I find a foundation to match my skin tone? That’s a million-dollar question. I don’t know about you, but sometimes choosing the best foundation for my skin tone brings about feelings of anxiety. You can literally stand in front of the shelves of foundations for hours and hours. Each brand has endless shades to choose from, each claiming there is one to match your skin tone. With so many color choices, how can you possibly choose the best matching foundation for your own unique skin tone?

It’s best to first take a step back. Back to before you left the safety of home to set out on the best matching foundation journey. Let’s start with the basic skincare routine needed before you should even consider applying a foundation. With a few simple steps, your skin can be prepped and makeup ready.

Prep the Skin

  1. 1. Cleanse - Washing your face is step one to setting the scene for your fresh makeup canvas. Do you have oily skin, dry skin, or acne prone skin? Choose a cleanser that best suits your skin needs. Washing your face helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving a refreshed base for your foundation and makeup.
  2. 2. Moisturize - Step two should also have you choosing a moisturizer with ingredients that target your unique skin needs. Moisturizers prevent and treat dry skin. They can also protect sensitive skin, improve skin texture and mask imperfections. 
  3. 3. Prime - We are almost there. What is makeup primer? Think of it as an essential worker for your makeup to look great. Your primer will smooth your skin and help to blur and minimize imperfections like lines and wrinkles. 


Ready, Set, Match

What is most important in a foundation? Based on the unlimited shade supply, color match seems to be at the top of the list. Second to matching is a foundation that does double duty as a UV ray protector. That doesn’t seem like a difficult ask.

Why Instant Match?

Well, why not? Your skin is unique. Do you want to rummage through 40 or so shades to find one that may or may not match your skin tone? Most likely, your skin tone changes seasonally. Your skin tone might be deeper in the summer months and have a cooler undertone in the fall and winter months. Now, add in the need for UV protection. Never forget the need for daily SPF. 

Hello Culler Beauty® Self-Adjusting Foundation. Simply put, one foundation for all your shades. Culler Beauty™ Self-Adjusting Foundation is the all-in-one answer to protect and moisturize your skin as it works to even out your complexion.  The formula goes on white and gradually adjusts to your unique skin tone as you massage it onto your skin.  It also contains SPF 50 sun protection to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.  Culler Beauty Self-Adjusting Foundation comes in light and medium shades.  It is designed for daily use and leaves your skin with an illuminating silky finish. 

How does it work? 

Self-Adjusting Foundation uses our Color Reveal Technology to release the perfect amount of pigment to match your unique skin tone.  As you massage the foundation onto your skin the pressure from your hands breaks the microscopic color beads, releasing more color as you blend it in. The added SPF 50 sun protection aids in shielding your skin from harmful UV rays, helping to minimize sun-related skin aging. 

Choosing the Proper Tone

More good news! There are 2 shades to choose from, Light and Medium.

  • - Do you have a lot of freckles?
  • - Do you burn easily in the sun?
  • - Does your skin have pink, neutral or yellow undertones?
  • - The LIGHT FINISH is best for you.
  • - Do you have slightly tan to olive skin?
  • - Do you tan easily and rarely burn?
  • - Does your skin have golden or honey undertones?
  • - The MEDIUM FINISH is best for you.

There you have it. Now, asking yourself, how do I find a foundation to match my skin tone, is a question of the past. I just made your life much easier and likely saved you a few dollars. You are very welcome!