It is fairly safe to say that most people have some knowledge about the subject matter, Vitamin C. Most are likely to agree that Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to support our overall good health. In fact, so many people look to Vitamin C as a method of boosting their immune system especially during cold and flu season. The go-to food list for naturally present Vitamin C includes citrus fruits and juices, many vegetables such as peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and potatoes. Fun fact. Guavas, kiwis, bell peppers and strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges. Some of us look to additional dietary supplements when our intake of nutrients from food is not sufficient.

Let’s get a little scientific. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It is an organic compound. What does that mean? Organic compounds are naturally present in living things. They contain the elements carbon and oxygen. It is water soluble which means it is not stored in our bodies. So, in order to maintain appropriate levels of vitamin C, we need to eat them.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in many of our bodily systems and functions because of its antioxidant properties. Vitamin C deficiency is best known as Scurvy. Scurvy is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency and while it may be uncommon today it does still exist. Do you experience any of these common signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency?

Bumpy and rough skin

Dry skin

Easily bruised skin

Slow to heal wounds

These symptoms are one of many possibilities associated with a lack of vitamin C in your diet but are not enough to diagnose. You should always consult with your physician.

Moving on to beauty and skincare. The antioxidant properties in vitamin c are very valuable weapons in the fight against the early signs of aging. They help to defend our bodies against free radical damage, often caused by environmental aggressors such as smog, smoke and sun exposure. Without protection against these stressors, we are more susceptible to many negative side effects including the breakdown of collagen. When collagen is broken down and begins to deplete, our skin loses its elasticity and our skin begins to show signs of aging, often in the form of lines and wrinkles. Aging is inevitable, but why show your age earlier than later?

Did you know that vitamin C is linked to collagen production? It is considered an essential component of collagen synthesis, supporting repair of damaged skin. What does this mean for your skin health?
Better skin appearance! Now that is something to pay attention to. Topical application may be an effective method of delivery. Now you need the perfect product and we have the perfect serum for your consideration.

Plexaderm Triple Action Vitamin C Serum harnesses the power of three potent and stable forms of vitamin C that work synergistically to provide the skin with a beautifying boost of antioxidants. This unique vitamin C complex works to visibly brighten uneven skin tone while supporting healthy skin elasticity. The added burst of Hyaluronic Acid helps to quench dry skin and promotes healthy moisture levels. Sheer Science Vitamin C Serum is suitable for all skin types and is perfect for anyone looking to promote bright, even-toned, youthful looking skin. Pair it with your favorite daily sunscreen for full UVA/UVB protection. Enjoy these key benefits when using our vitamin c serum.

Triple action Vitamin C complex promotes visibly brighter, firmer looking skin while helping to defend against free radical damage.

Contains Hyaluronic Acid to promote healthy skin moisture.

Promotes more radiant, even looking skin tone.

Trio of Vitamin C ingredients carefully selected to provide superior antioxidant defense from environmental stressors.

To recap, there are many health benefits of vitamin C, in your diet to support body systems, and topical serums to support your skin health. Plexaderm offers a perfect vitamin C serum that promotes a visibly brighter, beautiful, and more youthful looking you.