Who wants longer lashes? Everyone does! But, glue on my eyelids? No, thank you. Pass! What if there was another way to achieve fuller looking lashes?

False lashes are one of the latest fashion trends. Let’s explore the steps.

1. Buy lashes.
2. Measure and trim.
3. Glue and apply.

Not only are false lashes time consuming, they come with a lot of precautions. To prevent the spread of germs and potential infection, it is not recommended that false lashes be reused, especially with today’s high risk of spreading germs and disease. A false lash habit can quickly dig a hole in one’s wallet. Did you know a full lash set applied at a salon can run a couple of hundred dollars? And, even if you had money to burn, most salons are not open. How about a DIY solution that will work to condition your lashes using nutrients that will provide a fuller look without any measuring, gluing or potentially ruining your own natural lashes?

Culler Beauty Lash Enhancer conditions your lashes using Hyaluronic acid and an easy-to-use brush applicator. The formula also contains glycoproteins which help to increase lash flexibility and prevent breakage. The conditioning properties deliver long-lasting hydration to the lashes and supports healthy lash growth. The healthier your lashes, the longer they’ll look.

The serum can be used alone or with mascara. Just apply the serum prior to your mascara to visibly add substantial length and thickness, giving your lashes the fuller, healthier, more attractive look, you want, at home or peeking out over your face covering.

You can try Culler Beauty Hyaluronic Lash Enhancer risk-free. As always, all Sheer Science purchases are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee. Wow them on your next Zoom Happy Hour!