Intellihelp Global is delivering love nationwide. During this COVID-19 pandemic, Intellihelp is leveraging the power of social media to help people survive. Through their Facebook page and network of “angels” the Intellihelp community is working one on one with those in need to supply groceries, household items, hygiene supplies and other essentials.

Intellihelp was founded by a friend of ours, Ron Lynch, AKA “The Marketing Mercenary.” Ron created a platform in which individuals can share a list of essential items needed for survival during this crisis. An Intellihelp group member with the means to help can then purchase these items and have them shipped directly to those in need!

Our CEO Jon Greenhut has been looking for ways to help people since the onset of this pandemic. He has personally reached out to each of our employees letting us know that if we are in need of assistance in obtaining essential supplies for our families or friends due to COVID-19, that he is there to help them in any way he can. Jon wanted to do more. He personally donated $10,000 to the Intellihelp Global GoFundMe account that will help thousands of families nationwide obtain essential supplies to keep surviving.

Jon spoke with Ron earlier this week about the Intellihelp Global organization and why he felt it was such a great way to help those in need. Watch the video here.

Ron and Jon have a message for you, "don’t be afraid to ask for help." "It’s us rescuing each other,” said Ron. "It’s not one hero with Steve Jobs' money," stated Ron. It’s individuals doing what they can to help their neighbors in need. Both Jon and Ron share the sentiments that “if you’re not giving back then you’re not successful” and that “money is a by-product of doing good in the world.” While they are both successful entrepreneurs, their focus right now has shifted to how they can help those in need. Whether it’s internal staff and their families, local organizations or individuals that have the courage to reach out – people like Ron and Jon are there, people like you are there.

Ron is hoping that his organization will impact over 1 million people in the United States, and go global. At this time, there are more people in-need in the Intellihelp Global group than there are angels to help. If you can, join Intellihelp Global in delivering love. You’ll meet the people you are helping through the Intellihelp Facebook page and know how thankful they are for any help you are able to give.

If you or someone you know needs help, don’t be afraid to ask. Learn more about how you can help, ask for help on the Intellihelp Facebook page or donate via their GoFundMe link found here.


With positive thoughts and healthy wishes,

The Sheer Science Family