Let’s turn back the clock, briefly, to much earlier this year. You likely had a very different makeup routine than you do today. Social media was flooded with daily tutorials on how to achieve that perfect magazine cover-worthy look. We studied and practiced over and over until we nailed it. 

Bold colored lips - Does anyone wear lipstick right now under a mask? 

Heavily lined eyes - smoked and winged. 

Glitter galore -still riding out the holiday wave. 

The next few months shocked almost, if not all of us. In the beginning, all beauty went out the window. Did you abandon self-care all together? Glamour took a back-seat to fear, stress and worrying about scoring your next roll of toilet tissue. Our faces were bare, certainly not a bad thing and we didn’t care one way or another.  After experimenting with a few home spa days and DIY facials, our skin was healthier looking than ever. Did you channel your inner chemist, or did you discover new products? 

Did you have any bouts of maskne? You and many others experienced the reality of so many that wear a mask daily in their profession. By now, you have probably conquered the struggle, or learned how to live with it. In case you are in need of a few pointers: 

Keep your skin clean. 

Keep your skin moisturized. 

Take mask breaks (when appropriate and safe) 

As spring greeted us, we rediscovered nature and the outdoors. Hopefully, with SPF! By the way, SPF is essential 365 days a year. Summer 2020 had us sporting a natural suntan, no artificial bronzers needed. 

Here we are today. Pandemic fatigued and exhausteWd. We all want to go back to what was once normal. As we near the end of 2020, filled with all kinds of emotions, we want to celebrate with makeup. Here are a few trends to experiment with. 

The focal points will be, without a doubt, above the mask line. Brows, eyes, lashes. 

Brow trends appear to be a reflection of the pandemic. Bushy and brushed upward. This may be a relief for many who haven’t seen their brow professional in the last six plus months. 

Eyes are your canvas. If you are feeling minimalistic and prefer a more natural look or want to escape the winter blues with lots of bolder colors, you will be on trend.  

Lashes are always fashionable. Long, full and healthy looking. There is no need to achieve the look with false lashes.  Culler Beauty offers a Lash Enhancer with Hyaluronic Acid and glycoproteins to condition, hydrate and enhance the appearance of your natural lashes. Simply apply the serum prior to your mascara to visibly add substantial length and thickness, giving your lashes the fuller, healthier, more attractive look, you want. 

If you are hosting a small gathering or a virtual gala, glam it up with glitter and a classic red lip. No matter what look you choose, make sure to include a happy outlook for the new year.