This one goes out to all the men. You watch your diet. You follow a workout regimen. How about caring for your skin?

Fact, both men and women need to take care of their skin. Formulated with every (face) in mind, Plexaderm Skincare is gender neutral. Our products are all formulated to be fragrance free and go on clear – offering all you guys (and gals) everything you need for a simple, effective daily skincare routine.

We’ve been collecting feedback from happy (male) customers about the Plexaderm products they’ve tried, and polled a few internal team members, too! Here is a list of their favorite Plexaderm Skincare products for healthier, more attractive skin.

Plex-Perfect Daily Moisturizer

This oil-free moisturizer is perfect for men! It’s fragrance free, non-greasy and contains ceramides to aid in retaining moisture and fight skin dryness and irritation. A great post-shave product!

Dark Spot Fade Gel

Soaking up the sun is part of the joy of being outside, but the sun impacts everyone’s skin. If you suffer from sunspots, dark spots or hyperpigmentation, Dark Spot Fade Gel is a must try! Formulated with maximum over-the-counter strength Hydroquinone to reduce those unsightly age spots, plus clinically studied ingredients to gently exfoliate and brighten the look of your skin.

Rapid Reduction Serum

The number one fan favorite goes to Rapid Reduction Serum. This miracle product works in 10 minutes to visibly reduce your least favorite signs of aging, under-eye bags, wrinkles, dark circles (the list may go on). Guys, guess what? It goes on CLEAR! No one will know you are wearing it – they'll just think you haven't aged since high school. Use a tiny pea sized amount on those areas you want to quickly lift, tighten and smooth so you can look and feel years younger for up to 10 hours.

Reset & Replenish Pads

Okay guys, let’s be honest, do you wash your face before you go to bed? With our Reset & Replenish Pads, you can “wash” up – no sink required, effectively and quickly. If you are not cleansing, you are doing your skin an injustice. You might not have any makeup to remove, but your skin has dirt and oil build up that these cleansing pads can take care of for you.

What are you waiting for? Visit Plexaderm Skincare today and get started on a better you.