Quarantine isn’t easy on anyone. Simple errands such as running to the grocery store have become a “to-do” all on their own. If remembering your keys wasn’t hard enough, try adding hand sanitizer, gloves and most importantly, a face mask into the mix of essentials.

With face masks becoming a key part of your everyday fashion statements, your eyes have become the center of attention. For some, that is great, a little mascara or lash enhancer can go a long way – the eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, and can speak volumes. For those of you who struggle with under-eye bags, dark circles or crow’s feet, the new social norm of wearing a face mask isn’t as appealing.

It is time to social distance yourself from your under-eye bags! Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum targets these visible signs of aging and tiredness to reveal bright and youthful looking skin. Rapid Reduction Serum is about to become the quarantine skincare secret to making you look and feel your best, even behind your facemask. It works in minutes to visibly reduce under eye-bags, lift crow’s feet, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize the look of dark circles under the eyes. In no time, the stress of carrying around under-eye bags above your facemask will become a distant memory. The best part is, Rapid Reduction Serum results last up to 10 hours, leaving your skin glowing all day long. Get ready for your natural beauty to shine through anything during these trying times- even a mask!

When it comes to under-eye bags and wrinkles, it is very important to remember you’re not alone. Under eye bags are extremely common, especially as you age. According to Mayo Clinic, under eye-bags can stem from an array of causes such as fluid retention, allergies, smoking and most commonly, genetics. If none of those seem to be the culprit to your under-eye problem areas, lack of sleep and increased stress during this unpredictable time could be your answer. According to Park Ave Dermatology, “Your skin mirrors on the outside what is happening inside.” For example, you may notice dark circles or bags underneath your eyes as stress increased. Adequate rest is critical in managing stressful environments and situations1 (Park Ave Dermatology) Rapid Reduction Serum is a quick solution to make you look and feel your best just when your skin is craving a confidence boost the most. There is no telling when COVID-19 will be resolved nationwide, or when we will be free of facemasks for good, but with Rapid Reduction Serum your under-eye bags and wrinkles can disappear from view in as little as 10 minutes. It not only helps with under eye-bags, but almost all problem areas. Crow’s feet, smile lines, and even those stubborn 11 lines can all be visibly reduced in just minutes. Be prepared to be the best looking you, even if it’s just from the couch.

Rapid Reduction Serum is also a great alternative to costly and painful injections. As the pandemic spreads, many cosmetic offices have temporarily closed. This is the perfect time to give Rapid Reduction Serum a try without breaking the bank and without risking your health. While the effects are temporary, the serum is cruelty free, paraben free and a great alternative to non-reversible and harmful procedures. Under-eye bags are not harmful to your health, so why should their solutions be? Rapid Reduction Serum purchases are also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, giving you nothing to lose…except your under eye-bags of course!

Whether you are staying home or are an essential worker, give your skin the love it craves during quarantine life. Simple steps like getting ready for a virtual meeting, date night in or a social distancing hang out will not only make you feel more like yourself but look like yourself too. Although we may not know how long wearing face masks or taking precautional steps may last, we can rely on Plexaderm to remind us that selfcare brings positivity and hope, even during hardships.

Take advantage of this new normal by establishing a new skincare routine with Rapid Reduction Serum. Be kind to yourself and let your youthful skin glow through anything, even a mask. You won’t regret it!