We brush our teeth multiple times a day to keep them healthy and looking their best. Over time, even with proper care, our teeth stain, making us look unhealthy and older. Teeth whitening systems have come a long way and are no longer equated with damaging teeth enamel and causing irritation. Here are a few good reasons to consider using a teeth whitening system. 



Bright smiles have many benefits, physical and chemical. Studies have shown that the simple act of smiling can enhance your mood and help your body deal with stressful situations. Smiles are perceived as attractive. A whiter smile can even help you appear more confident, trustworthy and successful.



Having a white smile can boost your confidence. Confidence plays a positive role in our personal and professional lives. And, confidence is contagious. Others want to be around those that ooze confidence.  


Food Stains 

Everything we eat and drink on a daily basis has the potential to stain our pearly whites. Power Swabs® uses a unique tooth detergent specially formulated to lift stains from your enamel instead of just covering them up. Why lighten your stains when you can remove them?  The patented combination of clinically-researched ingredients not only removes removes your stains, it also rehydrates your enamel so you can whiten with minimal to no sensitivity. Try Powers Swabs today, risk free.