Congratulations, you have a daily skin care routine, and for better or worse that has developed into a ritual or habit you can’t do without. Let’s dive a little deeper. Are your daily skin care habits healthy or do you have a few bad skin care habits that can make you look older?

1. Cleansing - seems to be a given and is likely a part of your daily skin care habits. However, there are a few talking points that we need to review. Do you wash your face daily? Do you wash after exercising? How often do you retreat to bed with your makeup still on? Are you over washing your skin? Depending on your daily habits, you could be washing once a day, twice a day, or maybe a third time after sweating. Saying that, it is possible to wash too much. Irritation, tightness, or dryness is a classic sign of over cleansing. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after cleansing to keep your skin well-nourished and hydrated.

2. Sun Protection - here we go again. Is sunscreen application on your list of daily skin care habits? If it’s not; it should be. Sunscreen is essential for your skin year-round. It’s not just beach days when you need protection. The sun can damage your skin even when it’s cold or cloudy outside. Sunglasses are another year-round priority. It’s wonderful to enjoy the outdoors. Do so without squinting. Squinting expressions invite lines and wrinkles around the eyes and face. Yes, lines and wrinkles are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they should be encouraged.

3. Sleep - not enough sleep and too much sleep

Lacking Zzzzs

We have all experienced a sleepless night here and there and you’re probably already familiar with lack of sleep as a reason for dark under eye circles. Sleep deprivation can produce dark under eye circles as well as potentially lead to more serious health conditions.


Too Much Sleep

4. Did you know that too much sleep is also linked to dark under eye circles? As we age, muscles and tissues weaken, collagen production decreases and skin starts to sag. Lying in bed, for extended periods of time, makes the veins under the eyes widen causing the darkened appearance of delicate skin.

Not cleaning your cell phone. No doubt, sanitizing is a big part of your daily routine and probably multiple times within a day. Don’t forget to wipe down your cell phone! You do not want the dirt, germs and bacteria transferring to your face!

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