Teeth whitening has been around longer than any of us can possibly remember, about 4,000 years or so. Rumor has it that ancient Egyptians fancied white teeth. Pearly whites were a symbol of beauty and wealth.  Their teeth whitening consisted of vinegar, pumice stone, and ground oxen hooves, and was applied to the teeth with a chewed stick. 

If that didn’t help you appreciate modern ways, consider this. Ancient Romans were known to brush with urine!  In the 1800s dentists were using chorine to bleach yellow stained teeth. It wasn’t until the 1960s that peroxide based whiteners started to be used.  

Not all teeth whitening systems are created equally. Some use strips. Some use trays. And, some cause pain and irritation. How can you select a teeth whitening system that will not only deliver results, but will do so with zero to minimal sensitivity? 

Whitening vs. Bleaching  

Whitening products remove stains from tooth enamel. Bleaching products use forms of peroxide, hydrogen or carbamide to whiten enamel. Both can provide equal whitening results. Scientifically, hydrogen peroxide breaks down faster than carbamide peroxide. What does that mean? Carbamide peroxide whitening can be actively working for hours after initial application. 


Many teeth whitening systems are time consuming. Treatment time will vary from product to product. There are many, many home whitening options to consider, from whitening toothpastes, to strips, trays, gels and blue light devices. Some require minutes of your time while others will take hours from your day.   


Depending on the method, results may be seen in days, weeks or possibly months. In addition to first seeing results, how long they will last? Effects will ultimately differ from person to person, especially for those who indulge in smoking and or eating and drinking foods that easily stain teeth.   

Power Swabs is the first teeth whitening system to use a patented tooth detergent proven to lift stains from your enamel.  Everything we eat and drink on a daily basis stains our teeth over time.  Two questions to ponder, why lighten your stains when you can remove them?  Why bleach your teeth without first removing stains from your enamel? The patented coconut derived solution not only removes stains, it also rehydrates enamel so you can whiten with minimal to no sensitivity. 

No strips, no trays, no mess. The Power Swabs intensive whitening kit is a simple two-step system that delivers outstanding results in the comfort of your home.  They are easy to use cotton swabs that come individually packaged and only require a five-minute application to the surface of your teeth.  Teeth are on average two shades whiter after the very first use and on average six shades whiter after completing the seven-day intensive program.   

Whether your diet is staining your teeth or age has naturally yellowed them, Power Swabs Teeth Whitening can help you smile brighter in just 5 minutes!