It’s no secret, how we care for our bodies directly impacts our overall health and wellness. For example, too many sugars can take a toll on the waistline and teeth. Did you know that even the healthiest of foods and beverages can be putting you at risk for tooth damage, decay, and staining? 

  1. Ice – FYI, although ice is made up of 100% water, it does not mean it is good for your teeth. Crunching on ice may seem harmless at first, but in reality, this habit may set you up for potential damage to your enamel. 
  1. Citrus – There are many who swear by lemon in their water for all different reasons. Guess what? Citrus juices can lead to oral irritation, sores, tooth erosion and decay. 
  1. Smoothies Often thought as a healthy treat, many surprisingly have more sugar than a can of soda. In case you didn’t know, one 12 ounce can of cola contains 39 grams of sugar! That one can of soda exceeds the recommended daily allowance of sugar intake for both men and women. (1) 

When thinking about what stains our teeth, the first thing that pops into our mind is coffee. What if I told you that beverages aren’t the only factors to blame when it comes to those pesky stains?  

That's Amore 

Pasta, pizza, you name it… we all love it. Although it may be tasty, those deeply colored sauces cause stains. Switch to a light or creamy sauce next time!  

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie 

Many of our favorite desserts are to blame when it comes to stains. Blueberries, cherries and vibrant fruits can cause discoloration. Next time you are craving a slice of cherry pie or hand full of berries, try paler fruits, such as grapes. 

I Want Candy 

Cravings happen, but so do stains. If it can change the color of your tongue, it will most definitely change the color of your teeth. Keep your cravings for cheat meals only and the harm won’t be too harsh.  

Tips & Tricks: 

Cut Back and Swap Out:  

Change up your diet and have fun with it! Try introducing new recipes and foods into your everyday life and see how it affects not only how you feel, but how your smile looks. 

Rinse and Brush After Eating: 

After finishing a meal, be sure to rinse and brush as soon as possible. If you can’t get to a toothbrush, try sugarless gum. 

Of course, we always  recommend connecting with your dentist immediately to report any unusual oral pain or symptoms.  

Try Teeth Whitening:  

If your teeth are in need of a makeover, look into teeth whitening. Going to the dentist can be pricey, luckily there are many affordable teeth whitening kits out there to try.  

We recommend Power Swabs® Ultra White 7-Day Treatment: It is clinically tested to whiten teeth an average of 2 shades after the very first application and 6 shades in only 7 days. Try it out for yourself and achieve that bright white smile you always wanted. 

Bottom line, healthy habits are best and treats in moderation. Your investment in yourself and your bright smile are worth it.